Why Us?

Thank you for considering our law firm for your legal representation. We are aware that there are a lot of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles and appreciate that you are looking around to pick the best one.

One of the advantages of retaining our services is that we are trial lawyers. A lot of personal injury attorneys are not trial lawyers and they are scared of the court room. Therefore, they will take a low settlement and give you a check for a low amount. For example, if your injuries are in the six figures, the insurance company will offer $5,000 and the attorney will negotiate that you $7,000 and that will be how much you receive. On the other hand, if you hire us, we will not take such low amounts. We are aggressive, and will file lawsuits to receive the full compensation that you deserve. Whenever you are going to choose a personal injury lawyer, it is important to hire someone who is aggressive, and someone who has trial experience. We are one such law firm.

Free Review of Your Case

Our personal injury attorneys offer free reviews of your case. If you have been injured in a dog bite accident, or car accident, or any other negligence action, you can contact us today and we will tell you whether we are interested in your case. If we are interested, you can sign a retainer agreement with us right there, and we will take care of the rest. If we are not interested in your case, we will tell you why, or refer you to another lawyer that we know will be interested. In either case, you take no risks. There is no charge for the consultation and you can choose to sign with us, or go with another attorney. The choice is yours.

We only collect when you do.

If we take your case, our attorneys will work on a contingency basis. We only collect when you do. If we do not get you money, then the service will be free.

To receive legal assistance, you can call or email us at any time and we will be happy to help you.