EONM (Eradicating Offensive Native Mascotry) is a grassroots organization that is dedicated to informing individuals and mobilizing groups to combat the public misappropriation of Native American imagery, and calling out entities complacent with, as well as ones directly profiting from, blatant racism. We do this by educating ourselves and others on history, current events, public relations, and social media tactics.

Press Releases

Stay updated on EONM involvement with issues involving Native Mascotry and Indigenous Rights as well as Calls to Action.

Fighting the Silence

We are accepting entries in this now extended indefinitely event. Whether or not they are ready to listen, we are going to talk! We are moving forward, and refuse to be stuck in some mythic past. We call on Native writers to share personal stories about Indian mascotry and racism and how it has affected your life.

Helpful Resources

You can use these resources to learn more about Native Mascotry and the harm done by Mascots and Cultural Appropriation.